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From San Francisco to Silicon Valley, Menlo Park Fencing has built a reputation for quality and service. Because of that, we’ve grown into a top fencing contractor for residential and commercial fences in the entire Peninsula.

We offer superior fencing materials, fencing installation, and fencing repair services.

When you choose to work with Menlo Park Fencing, you’ll get fencing that provides safety for your home or business. We’ve installed fencing in many homes throughout the Peninsula; fences are our specialty! As expert fence contractors, we can also perform repairs on any style of fence when you need fencing maintenance. Just simply give us a call and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment with you in the near future!

When fencing your home, look no further than Menlo Park Fencing for fencing that looks good and is very strong. We’ve been fencing homes in this area since 2005 and provide fencing that will last a long time. Our fencing is high quality and comes with superior warranties. When you fence your home or business, you want something that looks good, but at the same time, you don’t want to pay too much for it.

We will even provide competitive prices on our fencing materials so you can get everything you need! There’s no need to spend more than you have to on fencing, contact Menlo Park Fencing and we can give you an estimate that is fair for you.

Menlo Park Fencing offers the best fence prices on the entire Peninsula. As expert fence contractors, we can also provide fencing materials at very competitive prices. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for and get the best price when you work with Menlo Park Fencing.

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We serve all areas within San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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Customers Love Menlo Park Fencing

Middle-aged white woman with glasses and auburn hair smiling
Five star rating

“I called Menlo Park Fencing because one of the main beams on my fence had broken in half. They came out within two days and fixed it immediately.”

Patricia in Menlo Park, CA

middle-aged hispanic woman smiling
Five star rating

“We had a small problem with our fence that another company couldn’t fix after multiple attempts. Menlo Park Fencing fixed it within the hour and the fence has been great ever since.”

Lucia in Redwood City, CA

clean shaven white male smiling
Five star rating

“I liked how quickly they came out to give us an estimate. They offered some great ideas on what would work best for our yard and gave us a quote on the spot.”

– Michael in Atherton, CA

Quality Fence & Gate Services in Menlo Park, CA

We help install both residential and commercial fencing. We are the fence contractors to call if you need fence repairs, or new fence installations for privacy, pool areas, patios, or commercial properties.

Custom Fence Installation & Repair

We install fencing to fit your budget and improve the value of your home. We feature a wide array of fence materials from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel fencing.

We have a full line of fence materials to choose from and can help install fencing that is both decorative and functional. We also offer fence repair services including board replacement, picket replacement, and more!  Menlo Park Fencing is the fence contractor to choose for fast and reliable fencing installation, repair, and materials.

We serve all areas within San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. For more information about our fence repair, fencing materials, or fencing installation services, please contact us at (650) 334-1505. We look forward to hearing from you!

Man in blue sweatshirt and hat using a drill to attach fence boards to a fence

Fence Installation

We install fencing to fit your budget and improve the value of your home. We feature a wide array of fence materials from wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel fencing. If you need a new fence installed at your home or business, you can trust Menlo Park Fencing to get the job done right.

Man in gray shirt measuring height of partially constructed fence

Fence Repair

From fence board replacement to picket replacement, we also offer fast and reliable fence repair services for your fencing. We can also replace fence rails, fix broken gates, and more! If you are looking for fencing repair to be done at your home or business, call us for a free estimate today!

Chain Link Fence

This is one of the most common types of fencing around, and we ensure that your chain link fence meets all local regulations. We also install gates on-site for this type of fencing so your yard will be safe and protected. Trust your fencing project to a professional fence company.

Black chain link fence next to tree and wooden fence

Picket Fence

This is another popular type of fencing and we can help you choose the best color and design for your property to give your home a charming classic look. Whatever your style, pickets can be customized to create a fence that suits your home.

white picket fence and grass yard surround gray house with white trim

Vinyl Fencing

This is one of our most popular types of fencing and we guarantee a quality installation. We offer different styles and colors of vinyl fencing to suit any application, residential or commercial.

white vinyl fence next to green grass and sidewalk

Aluminum Fence

We install aluminum fencing that is beautiful and affordable. We also offer an extensive line of aluminum fencing materials, making it easy to find what you’re looking for at a competitive price.

black aluminum fence over green grass with houses, trees, and cloudy blue sky in the background

Wood Fencing

This classic fencing material is still the most popular around, and we can help you choose the right type of wood for your fence. You can choose from multiple stain color options and we’ll make sure that your fence is built to last!

stained wood fence over grass with sidewalk and street in the background

Privacy Fence

Need some additional privacy? We can install fencing of any height to surround your property and create a private space for you and your family to enjoy. You’ll love the way your yard looks and feels with a privacy fence.

stained wood privacy fence

Wrought Iron Fence

We offer several types of wrought iron fencing materials that are extremely elegant and durable. This type of fencing is perfect for security purposes and offers a unique look that will impress your neighbors.

black wrought iron fence with green hedges behind

Lattice Fence

This type of fence is extremely versatile. For your business, it creates a more modern look that will impress clients and elevate the overall appearance of your property. For your home, lattice fences are great for creating privacy in an area where you need to see what’s happening outside without being seen.

wood lattice fence with trees in background

Pool Fence

Don’t let safety hold you back from enjoying your pool! We install fences around pools so children, pets, and other visitors are always kept safe. You can also ask us about protective barriers for decks or patios.

fence surrounding blue swimming pool

Gate Repair & Installation

If you need to repair or replace a broken fence gate, Menlo Park Fencing is the company you can trust. We offer both residential and commercial fencing options for your property, ensuring that you are completely protected at all times.

broken modern gray gate next to rural house

Gate Installation

If you need gate installation, we can help. We will build a gate of any size and material (wood, metal, etc.) for your home or business. We also offer gate repair on existing gates as well as fence panel replacement.

red gate between brick pillars

Gate Repair

We also offer gate repair services if you would like to fix the gate on your existing fence. We’ll even replace hinges, latches, locks, etc., so you can rely on us for fast repairs.

man in black t-shirt welding hinge on black steel gate

Front Gates

We can design and build a fence gate of any size, material, and style for your home. We offer custom designs to give you the perfect look for any budget or yard space.

white front gate between rock pillars

Driveway Gates

We offer a variety of gates to choose from, including custom styles and designs. We can build or repair any type of driveway gate for your home or business.

white painted wood driveway gate

Pool Gates

Give your pool area an added measure of security with a fence gate custom-designed for your needs. We’ll make sure the gate is sturdy and durable so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting inside.

custom black fence and gate surrounding swimming pool

Wrought Iron Gates

We offer a full line of wrought iron gates that can be customized for your home or business. We offer everything from modern French designs to classic Victorian gates.

wrought iron gat between two rock pillars in front of long rural driveway

Garden Gates

We can create beautiful garden gates for your yard, flowerbeds, or other landscaping. This type of fence provides a unique look that will make an impression on family members and guests. You can even ask about custom designs to match the style of your home.

beautiful white garden gate with decorative black handle, yellow and pink flower bushes behind

Steel Gates

We also offer steel gates that are durable and long-lasting. This type of gate is perfect for security purposes, but it can also be designed with a unique appearance that works well for businesses or homes.

custom made brushed steel gate

Chain Link Gates

These types of gates are perfect for any property where you need an added level of safety without sacrificing the view. We can create chain link gates in a variety of styles and designs to ensure that you get the perfect look for your yard.

chain link gate with yellow no trespassing sign

Custom Gates

We can build any type of fence gate, including custom-designed options. If you want an elegant Victorian gate or a more modern French design, we can help! Let us know what type of design or material would work best, and we’ll send you a quote.

custom driveway gate between two stone pillars with 2-story house in background

Contact Menlo Park Fencing

If you need fence installation, repair, or gate installation services for your home or business, contact us today. We will be happy to help you create the perfect look for any property with fences and gates of all styles!

We offer competitive pricing on all of our fencing materials, making it quick and easy for you to find the right fence at the right price. Our experienced staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your fence is beautiful and meets or exceeds your expectations.

Give us a call today to schedule a free in-person estimate.


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